Karla and Jake’s House of Blues portrait session

December 14, 2016


Karla and Jake’s House of Blues portrait session

Jacob is a regular musician performing at the House of Blues in New Orleans, so Karla thought it would make the perfect backdrop for their engagement portraits.   I agree, the ambience, decor, and architecture of the HOB in New Orleans sure makes for some pretty eye candy.  But honestly, we could have put these two against a white wall and they would have totally rocked the camera.  Aren’t they an adorable pair?

Q. How did you meet and how long have you been together ?

A. I actually first saw Jake when he was playing a gig at Artmosphere in Lafayette. I went with a girlfriend of mine to see her friends band play. The band was called Stewart Street. It was 4, strikingly handsome 20 something year olds…and Jake caught my eye. I didn’t actually meet him that night (this was just when I knew I wanted to meet him ;)). It wasn’t until a gig at 337 Venue on Jefferson Street right before Christmas 2007 that I was introduced to Jake. I remember waiting till the end of the show to be able to meet him. I saw a classmate of mine at the show who unbeknownst to me, was pretty good friends with Jake. He said, I’ll introduce you. So he called Jake over from his clan of groupies 😉 lol and introduced me to him. I felt Jake was a little standoffish and I was kind of weirded out by the whole introduction. Come to find out Jake wasn’t really sure why “this stunning woman” (his words) wanted to meet me…and why was she undressing me with her eyes?! (It’s true, I was)
Anyway, we both remembered each other and would see one another out and about in Lafayette. I attended another show of their’s in January with my friend that knew the band and we were invited over to the Stewart Street house the next day. It was a Saturday so we all spent the day in downtown Lafayette and planned to go see a zydeco band that night at Grant Street Hall. We all had such a great time, dancing singing etc. That night Jake and I ended up on the front porch at Stewart Street and stayed up the entire night talking about life! It was amazing!

Q. How did he/she ask you out for your first date?

A. After our porch talk Jake asked if I would like breakfast. It was about 5:30am

Q. Where did you go on your first date?

A. Jake took me to Mels diner in Lafayette. The late night, early morning spot. haha

Q. Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!

A. Jake planned to ask me to marry him on my family beach trip. He planned for a good year to get the perfect ring for me. He had my mom and sister involved. He wanted it to be perfect so I was involved the making of the ring as well. He wanted the actual engagement to be a surprise so he tried to throw me off by having fake conversations with the jeweler about the delay in the production of the ring etc.

Anyway, I was pretty sure he did not have the ring when we left for the beach but evidently he had it for about 2 weeks. So the second day at the beach the weather was perfect. We all came inside to get ready for dinner and possibly shopping. We were all dressed nice and my cousin tells us that dinner wont be ready for another 30 minutes or so. Jake takes my hand and says lets go walk to beach. I wasn’t suspicious because he knows I love to stroll the beach. So we take off down the beach toward the sunset. Jake starts telling me how much he loves me, my family and being so sweet and romantic (also not a red flag because he has always been very outward with his feelings).

We get to a point about 1/2 mile down from where we started and he wrapped his arms around me. We kissed and held on to each other for a minute…and next thing I know he was on his knee.

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