Jessica and Brandon’s couple’s portraits at Fontainebleau State Park

February 25, 2016


Jessica and Brandon’s couple’s portraits at Fontainebleau State Park.

How did you meet and how long have you been together ?
A. In October of 2013, I went to One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans to watch a band, named West Without, that was from my hometown. Brandon went to the same bar with some friends who knew the guitarist. As Brandon said, “we locked eyes across the dance floor.” Later in the night, I ended up being introduced to Brandon and his group of friends. After we met, we talked a little. It is not so easy to have a quality conversation with live music blaring loudly. I did not know it at the time but Brandon said that his friend was trying to get my number that night but was too scared. So, Brandon and his oh so charming presence was able to get my number. It is absolutely crazy that that night started our story. I honestly did not think that we would ever really talk or meet up again after that night. You always hear that you should never meet a guy in a bar. Well, I think that if you are both there for good reasons, such as listening to a band, then that demonstrates that you have some similar likes. So, we defy the norm and say, if it was meant to be, it was meant to be.. even if it started in a bar!

Jessica and Brandon 1

Jessica and Brandon 2

Do you have a special song together?

A. “Wherever you will go” by Charlene Soraia

Jessica and Brandon 3

Jessica and Brandon 4

Tell us about the proposal. We want all the details!

A. For months, we planned on going to New York during Christmas because this was the only time that Brandon had time off from work. We booked the tickets and was set to leave on Christmas Eve. Prior to this date, one evening, Brandon and I went to Metairie to go to Whole Foods because we always enjoy going to Whole Foods. However, when we arrived, he parked really far away and more towards Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry. I didn’t think much of it because he sometimes likes to park really far away. However, he took me into Jared’s and told the employees that we were there to look at engagement rings. I was so uncomfortable and did not even like to hear the words “engagement” or “rings.” I was pretty scared. However, Brandon talked me through it, like he always does. We went to a few other places on different occasions and I ended up finding a ring that I loved. The sales lady asked him about purchasing it but he said that he was not ready yet. I was not expecting to be engaged any time soon. Three months pass and we on en route to NYC! I had no thought in my mind that I would come home with a beautiful ring and a fianc√©. We arrived to our hotel at about 12:30 am Christmas morning. Our hotel was very close to Times Square so we decided to walk out and just take a look. There was not much going on, it looked dirty, and we were tired. So, after taking a few pictures, we went in for the night. When we got back from our trip, Brandon told me that he really wanted to propose to me right then, but decided that it wasn’t a good time because we were both really tired.

I had our whole trip planned out. I even made an itinerary. On Christmas day, I had a lot of fun things strategically planned out. We were going to see a few things in Times Square, visit Bryant Park, then go ice skating in Central Park. All throughout the day, it seemed as if Brandon was rushing. I kept trying to look at everything and he didn’t seem to want to look at anything! This kind of made me mad! Finally, we made it to Central Park. I was very excited to be there because I knew how beautiful it would be. We began walking throughout the park and man, did it meet my expectations. Just as I was thinking how much nature’s beauty surprises me, Brandon decides to start telling me all these wonderful things about me. He stopped walking as well. This moment very much had a “proposal feel.” So, I said, “Brandon, stop. Brandon, what are you doing?! *tears*” Then, my prince charming got down on one knee, amidst the stunning Central Park, and asked me to be his wife. He said that I was crying, said “are you serious”, then the tears sucked right back up. And, per Brandon, when he said yes, the tears flowed back down my face. It was pretty unexpected and I could then see why he was rushing through the whole day. He could not wait for this and he said that he felt much better when the ring didn’t have to be in his possession! Also, when it was over, he told me about his travels with an expensive ring. I asked him how many times he checked his jacket pocket to make sure it was still there. He said that he couldn’t even tell me. He also told me that while we were going through security at the airport, he was terrified that the ring would set off an alarm and they would take it out of his bag and I would see it. He said that he wrote a note on the ring box that said, “This is an engagement ring. Please be discreet!” He is a trip. Haha

Do you have a passion (besides your love of course) tell us about it!

A. Brandon’s passion is growing Wasabi. It is an extremely difficult process to grow this crop in Louisiana. However, after many long hours and much thinking, Brandon had figured out a way to do it. It is still a work in progress but he is so very determined and motivated to accomplish it. That is one of the things that I love the most about him. He has passion in anything that he does. I feel like he is successful in anything that he does because he does have the passion and motivation to accomplish anything he wants. He is truly inspiring in that sense. As for me, I have a passion for health and fitness. I think that health and fitness are the vital components of a happy life. I try to spread my knowledge and skills to anyone I can. As a nurse, I try to lead by example.


Jessica and Brandon 5




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