Engagement Portraits at Race and Religious in New Orleans with Kelsey and Jantz

May 2, 2019


Engagement Portraits at Race and Religious in New Orleans with Kelsey and Jantz

A little about Kelsey and Jantz:

Q:  How did you meet?

Jantz and I met through mutual friends at the St. Patrick’s day parade on Metairie Rd. in March of 2016. Things always seem to happen just the way that they are supposed to. Every year I celebrate St. Patrick’s day at my high school best friends home off of the parade route. She and her husband have 3 small children and for years this has been our reserved day to spend quality time together and has become a tradition. This particular year, I decided to walk down to the parade (every other year I would stay back at the house with her and whichever child was napping, etc. ) with her and her husband stayed back at the house. Truth be told, I am not a big parade goer because I somehow always get hit in the face with beads, While we were out at the parade Jantz came to meet his friends, Glenn and Jessica. Jessica is my friend’s sister-in-law. This year was no exception to me getting hit in the head with beads. Jantz and I talked in a group setting and we went separate ways without him asking me for my number. A few days later he asked to be my friend on Facebook and that started our casual conversation. Not long after that, Jantz then asked me for my number. In being myself I decided to play a prank on him. I gave him my actual number and when he texted me to continue our conversation, I asked who it was and told him he had the wrong number LOL. We have been together ever since and will make 2 years in March of this year. 


Q.  How did he/she ask you out for your first date?

Our first date was unconventional. I invited him over to my house and also invited a girlfriend over as well as a buffer. We chatted at the house for a bit and then all decided to go to Winston’s Patio bar for a couple of cocktails.

Q.  Where did you go on your first date?

Our first official date was at Doris Metropolitan Steak House

Q.  Tell us about the proposal!

I was completely surprised! Family is pretty important to both of us and Jantz wanted to make sure that our families were there and a part of the engagement. He devised a plan to “make it easier on us” that both of our families would celebrate Thanksgiving together, which is one of his favorite holidays. He contacted my mom and set the plans in motion and then had his mom get involved on her end to bring their family to my moms for Thanksgiving. I never thought twice about it being a proposal since everything we have discussed was that we would get engaged sometime after he graduated in the spring. As we were preparing our dishes that morning, Jantz was surprisingly calm and even didn’t mind if we were a few minutes late (that never happens). I had planned to bring all of my clothes and get ready at my mom’s after setting up the food but he insisted that I get dressed completely before we left the house. For the sake of not arguing, I complied. (What I didn’t know is that he was making sure I was 100% dressed and ready for him to pop the question). We had an ABUNDANCE of food between our two families who combined their traditions! HOLY CRAP! After all of the food was set up and ready, my family began our blessing before we ate. My 91yr old grandpa led the prayer and my mom had everyone go around and say what they were thankful for. Jantz was about the middle of the pack and she skipped him. All I was thinking was OMG mom that was rude! I kept nudging her to let her know that she skipped him and she continually ignored me! Jantz ended up going last and as he began to say how he was thankful for our family and friends, and how he wished his dad could be here for this moment (he dad passed away in February of 2016, right before we met). He began to cry and I went to comfort him, as I moved towards him he jumped down on one knee and pulled out the ring. I was in complete disbelief and asked if it was really happening. My uncle chimed in from the background and said: “this is not a joke!” LOL! Of course, I said yes and now we are planning the celebration of our relationship and our forever story!


Q.  Do you have a special song together?

There is a long-standing joke that our song is “I took a pill in Ibiza”, according to Jantz. and NO we have not taken any pills in Ibiza! LOL


Q.  What are your passions?

I would say that my passion is geared around helping people become healthier and learning to appreciate their bodies. Jantz passion is definitely cooking. He has the ability to make any dish taste good. He knows just the right ingredients that go together( a trait he picked up from his dad from what I have been told). 







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