Corrine and Anthony: a sweet engagement session in Plaquemine, Louisiana

April 6, 2017


Corrine and Anthony wanted to shoot their engagement session in Plaquemine, Louisiana-  Corrine’s home town!  We were originally going to shoot along a scenic bayou, but the weather had other plans for us.  After the skies opened up, and the grounds became soaked- we decided to simply shoot around the church where they will be getting married and the surrounding garden district neighborhood.  I’m glad we did- look how beautiful they came out!  I just love the ivy walls and the fun architecture of this quaint Louisiana town.  But more than that- I love Corrine and Anthony’s bubbly personalities, their true love for each other, and the way they just light up around each other.

How did you two meet?  

We have actually been together for 4 years. Anthony and I met years ago, freshman or sophomore year of college. Anthony is from Baton Rouge but went to the University of Georgia for undergrad. When I attended LSU, I befriended his high school friends, so I was eager to meet this “Anthony” that I’d heard such great things about; something intrigued me. He had a girlfriend when we first met, which was at a bar (Shady’s), but he doesn’t really remember meeting-we didn’t spend a lot of time together this night. Over the years, we would see each other every now and then when he’d come home to visit, and we’d hear about one another through our mutual friends. I feel like we were always in the back of each other’s mind, but nothing ever came of it. Our senior year of college, I heard that he was playing percussion in his friends’ band at Wakarusa, a music festival. I texted him about it and we’ve spoken every single day since then.

The other version of this story that neither of us can remember: I went to Catholic High’s homecoming (where Anthony attended high school) with a friend freshman or sophomore year of high school. Apparently, Anthony saw me or was introduced to me and whispered in my friend’s ear that his date was “hot”. lol!

How did he propose?  We want all the juicy details! 

Anthony’s parents moved to Acworth, Georgia last January. There are many mountains/hikes near their house and it’s something we’ve enjoyed over the last year and a half! It was Good Friday (March 25) and we were meeting his family in Atlanta for lunch at 2:00. We needed something to do that morning unless we wanted to sit around the house (not what we like to do on a pretty day!) or go to the movies with his brother and sister-in-law. Anthony had mentioned going to “Red Top Mountain” for a hike earlier that week, and I kind of thought it was weird that he was adamant on planning this hike Friday morning. Anthony proposing crossed my mind a few times, but I vividly remember sitting down in the living room and thinking, there’s no way that THAT is going to happen this weekend. We headed to the mountain and decided to hike for 30 minutes, then turn around since we had to be in Atlanta for 2 (the hike is 2.5 hours, we didn’t have time for the whole thing). Eventually, we decided to hike to the part of the mountain where we can see the lake then turn around. Anthony and I had a really great talk before the proposal. We talked a lot about life and how blessed we are-for one another, for our family and friends, and all of the wonderful opportunities we have been given. As we approached the view of the lake, Anthony was telling me all of these extremely sweet things about us and the excitement of our future together. He suggested walking away from the path towards the water as we continued talking and I thought, no way he’s going to propose?! Then I heard him say “..and this is why I brought you here,” and I knew!! All of a sudden he was on one knee asking me to marry him and he says he will never forget my face for as long as he lives. I remember crying and putting my hands in my face only to cry even harder when he tells me that it’s my grandmother’s ring. She passed away January 2015 and we were extremely close. Come to find out, she’d told my mom years ago that she wanted me to have it (my mom’s the only girl) and my parents offered it to Anthony last fall. I said “yes!” at some point and it was truly the most surreal moment of my life thus far. We were alone, besides a guy in a hammock at least 100 yards away, and it was perfect! It was intimate and raw and just us. We took some selfies, carved our initials in a nearby tree, moved a rock next to it so we’d have an extra way to remember the spot, and headed back to the car. I called soooo many friends and family (I couldn’t contain my excitement, I wanted to tell every hiker that we passed!) and we waited to tell Anthony’s family at lunch. They absolutely freaked, being that our parents were the only ones that knew it was going to happen. It made for an extremely joyful and blessed Easter weekend!!

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